Applied Analytics.

Drive better business outcomes and transform your business with applied AI / ML.


Navigate the analytics value chain quickly, and enable to sustain independently.

Data Science

Build custom machine learning solutions to solve our clients most challenging analytical business problem.


Generate ideas, develop initial value estimation, and prioritize based on expected business value.

Model Risk Management

  • Ensure model design and build are consistent with the model’s intended purpose.
  • Ensure the model validation process is an independent process
  • Enhance stakeholder communications regarding model requirements, results, interpretation and plan for insight adoption.
  • Maintain control processes to reduce operational risk and promote accuracy and consistency in the model development, deployment, and use of the models and data science insights by validating adherence to standards.
  • Maintain model Validate the model components, maintain model inventory


Perform rapid discovery activities to test idea viability. Iterative process with clear milestones to determine success. Filter out failures, access successes for productionalization.


Develop successful Continuous Integration / Development components in production; define a clear execution plan with change management considerations and deliver.

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